A national arena for housing innovation

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The conference is held annually in Drammen and is a meeting place for actors from different sectors, industries and subjects, and from both the field of practice and research environments.

The conference is aimed at executives and professionals who work professionally with housing-related urban, location and property development in the public sector, business and civil society. In addition, open to other interested parties, eg politicians, students and residents. The conference will contribute to knowledge-based competence development in the field of practice, by providing input to innovation projects and putting important questions on the research agenda. The conference captures development and trends nationally and internationally, with particular focus on the Scandinavian region.

The Drammen Conference focuses on holistic housing concepts, highlighting issues and relationships between physical solutions, finance, financing and organizational models and processes.

The Drammen Conference is a permanent, annual meeting place for the National Network for Housing Innovation. The conference has been conducted annually since 2009 with various topics within innovative urban and urban development. NMBU and insam took the initiative and conducted the first conference. Since then, the Housing Bank and Drammen Municipality have also come as co-owners of the conference. Southeastern University College is a permanent partner since 2015. Since 2017, the overall theme of the conference has been Innovative housing concepts for all.